This Day In 2016

She who has a blind eye and deficient in the conscience department Theresa Wheatfield May becomes Prime Minister with renewed vigour and a pledge to finish me off once and for all so she could rule without the shadow of these National Security Powers.

You see in the run up to the EU Referendum, the harassment and intimidation from Cameron and co was so bad that I had stopped signing on for state benefits (begging from the very people who are bullying you) and was living off what little cash I still had and wild raspberries that grow wild in the Perth area. After the referendum I was holding out as long as I could to see if Cameron’s replacement was more humane (fat chance). By this time (13th July) things were getting desperate and I knew I had to go to the job center and make a new claim. The next day (14th) I ventured out of the relative safety of my forest and headed for the job center but no joke evil witch wheatfield had an army of state actors, certainly more than 100 (including children) harrasing and blocking me, in the end forcing me back to my forest to re-group. Wheatfield must have been cock a hoop that her evil plan appeared to have worked and that I couldn’t survive much longer without food, but unlike Cameron she didn’t yet know me very well and probably underestimated my determination.

I figured that she could not keep that amount of people on high alert for too long so a couple of hours later with better knowledge about what I was up against and using my knowledge of Perth (my hometown) I was able to take shortcuts and whatever that they were not expecting. Anyway by hook or by crook I made it to the job center and I guess you could say that was May’s best effort because it was downhill all the way for her after that until her eventual but ultimate downfall.

Now how is Clown Johnson getting on, oh yes he is still in the process of tanking the economy before presumably his winter of discontent!

It’s the economy Clown, sorry stupid!

The only unknown that remains is, will the Tories ditch the Clown (and his blackmailed baggage) and replace him with a real prime minister?…or….risk SirKier???!!!!!!

Why did the Tory bastards not do the right thing last year to avoid this economic catastrophe??? Or is this the price we HAVE to pay to rid ourselves of these evil blackmailers??????

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