Jackson Carlaw quits as Scottish Conservative leader

Jackson Carlaw says he “does not believe he is the best person to make the case for Scotland remaining in the UK.”

Hello, HELLO I am still here you know and I still have no intentions of letting blackmailer extraordinaire Herr Sturgeon defeat me, which means that even Tony fucking Blair (or Donald Duck) could argue the case for Scotland remaining in the UK… or does this guy know something that I do not?… Read More

Childs Play

So the children have resorted to switching my broadband on and off all the time again, something they have not done since the last important round of Brexit talks! I heard on the news that this week is the last chance for Brexit talks before everyone (apart from me) goes on holiday.… Read More


When I visit the supermarket, I am more concerned about avoiding the deliberately poisoned food than catching a virus that may or may not exist and to tell you the truth I couldn’t give two fucks if the people who deliberately poison my food catch a virus from me (or not) so I won’t be wearing a mask unless asked to do so!… Read More

A Boris Anniversary

So SuperClown Boris Johnson has been in office (if only by name) for one year now. So here ends any benefit of my doubt that he may have enjoyed. Assuming that these unlawful (under international law) and immoral powers that are being used against me (including the power to poison my food at source) get renewed at least annually.… Read More

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