Britain’s Blackmail War

Britain’s (pro Israeli blackmailer) defence Sec Grant Shapps (or something) is sending our warships to the middle east to get involved in his Countries war, an inevitable consequence of having a blackmailed (so called) monarch!

This is nothing to do with Hamas, this is a build up to war against Iran, Syria, Lebanon and any other Arab Country who decides to join in, we have no (blackmail) choice but to participate, because Israel says so!… Read More

Do We Really Want This Man To Be Next PM?

United nation Sec General has already declared that deliberately withholding food and water from an innocent civilian population (AKA Stalingrad) is a potential war crime as is indiscriminate bombing of civilian houses. What Hamas did (to civilians) was abhorrent and a potential war crime but two wrongs do NOT make a right and Israel should stop the bombing and the blockade NOW!… Read More

Do Not Duck

It is called free speech and should NEVER be curtailed. As abhorrent as those attacks on innocent Israeli civilians were as was the Holocaust both should be condemned in the strongest possible terms. However, we (and they) have to ask the difficult questions about why people want to do these terrible things to them and if there is aspects of their behavior that they need to change and yes of course that has to include their treatment of the Palestinians over a long period of time and their blackmail fueled greed for money, power and dominance over people and Countries (including Britain & the US) such behavior can NEVER end well.… Read More

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