Minister defends David Cameron as ‘a man of integrity’

Oliver Dowden says he “has no doubt” the ex PM “behaved properly” in his dealings with a banker.

Oh dear, I do like a chuckle, it helps to beat the under house arrest blues.

What’s wrong Mr Shed? Worried that if you can’t get me to breech libel laws that your past may catch up with you?… Read More

King William

I noticed buried way down at the bottom of the blackmailer dominated news channels that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are embarked on a profile raising world tour and are currently in New York.

Although the conduct of the monarchy (especially towards me) has been shocking, I am not an advocate of abolition as that would be a shock to our constitution on top of this virus crisis.… Read More

We Live In A Democracy

No Joke Herr Sturgeon actually said that on the latest BBC news bulletin and without laughing either. She also appears to have toned down her accent as well. I don’t know the name for a blackmail-cracy but that is what we have been living in since at least 2009 when all this kicked off The Royals are using powers designed to remove a blackmailed prime minister from office but it is not a PM that’s blackmailed, it is one of their own.… Read More

The Phony War Intensifies

Don’t you patronise me with your my accent is more Scottish than yours (or anyone else’s) bullshit Herr sturgeon. I know what I have to do and I won’t be bullied or intimidated by you or your sidekick. I just hope the non blackmailed Royal’s know what they need to do with my hard to defend powers, even if it does mean they have to make sacrifices closer to home.… Read More

A lost generation

On the Theme of unelected blackmail gang leader Johnson’s curb on civil liberty’s, it is not the ‘Sir’ MP with the pint of milk that I feel sorry for, it is the young generation who are really missing out.

I have had my civil liberties curtailed most of my life thanks to (at least) two blackmailed Royals and a Psychotic so called parent but there was a brief interlude between when Battenburg (mountbatten) was allegedly assasinated and Charlie Battenburg becoming blackmailed (between the ages of 19 and 24), I had a ball of a time as my so called father had no blackmail powers to stop me, drinking with my mates in pubs and disco’s (as they were called then) meeting girls and doing what young guys do.… Read More

More Protests

It is sad to hear that the Bristol protests against Boris Johnson’s draconian curbs on civil liberty’s have turned ugly again. Britain (as a democracy) has a long tradition of tolerating peaceful protest but when we have non elected blackmail ‘thugs’ running the Country and using a common cold type Virus as an excuse to curtail civil liberty’s (as a punishment for trying to leave the EU), I fear that will be reflected in the wider society as we are witnessing in Bristol, the Dumb Blonde really is playing with fire.… Read More

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