So I bought some strawberries this morning, as you do at this time of the year. As the container was not completely sealed (airholes) I decided to do a small test first which is just as well as the strawberries are poisoned (stomach pains) I hate to keep going on about this but these are serious crimes that the British state is committing against me and I think it is appropriate that they should always be documented.… Read More

The Labour Party

It is about time the Labour party manned up and purged itself of it’s ruthless blackmailers who make it is some kind of a crime (anti semitism) what ever that is? to criticize them. Rebecca long baily or anyone who stands up to these ruthless bullies have my full support, go on, call me childish names, see if I give a fuck!… Read More

Evil State Murders

…and they have a cheek to say thyat they have been historically mistreated???

For a while now I have been getting poisoned regularly after eaten food as regularly commented about on here, these poisonings have been getting worse leaving me with pain in the renal region (I have no access to medical advice or treatment).… Read More

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