Not A Clone!

So my computer finally arrived a 5.00PM this afternoon (the last possible moment) and I have worked out why there was a delay, as a home made computer made up of different high performance aftermarket parts, it can’t be cloned.

A clone is when you (me actually) buy a new (or second hand) PC that is a brand name like DELL, HP Asus etc and child murderer Charles’s criminal followers swap it for a clone IE one that looks identical but has additional circuitry that enables these people to monitor your online activity.… Read More

Blackmail powers

So it looks like my so called Father has used his blackmail powers to make sure that the PC I ordered from Ebay did not arrive in time for my birthday (at the sellers feedback expense) but like I said I have the pleasure of knowing that I have cheated death (his no 1 Blackmail aim) for another year.… Read More

Scape Goat!

A man has been found guilty of orchestrating the Manchester bombings because someone had to! Mr Goat was sentenced to 55 years.

Meanwhile Theresa May and Amber Rudd get off Scot Free!!! but their consciences (if they have any?) will have to live with the consequences for ever!… Read More

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