Britain’s Blackmail War

Britain’s (pro Israeli blackmailer) defence Sec Grant Shapps (or something) is sending our warships to the middle east to get involved in his Countries war, an inevitable consequence of having a blackmailed (so called) monarch!

This is nothing to do with Hamas, this is a build up to war against Iran, Syria, Lebanon and any other Arab Country who decides to join in, we have no (blackmail) choice but to participate, because Israel says so!

The Hamas attack could have been stopped or at least subdued if intelligence had been acted upon but they chose not to so they can use it as an excuse to drag other middle eastern Countries and ultimately Iran into conflict before political change happens next year, like they did with 9/11 (Afghanistan & Iraq) and Pearl Harbor (Japan) It is a dangerous, high risk game that we (Britain) should take no part in.

Hamas are sending home made rockets into Israel, that are so basic that the patriot missiles can shoot almost all of them down. Iran is totally different, potential nuclear weapons aside, Iran is a wealthy oil producing Country, you get almost $100 per barrel of oil (they have gas too) and oil is almost free to produce (if you have it), they stick an oil well in the ground and oil comes gushing out. Iran produces millions of barrels of oil each day, that’s hundreds of millions of dollars…and who do they sell all this oil to, it’s China of course, the enemy that Israel (or Pro Israeli’s before it was formed) have twice attacked with two Jewish US Presidents Truman (or something) Via Korea and B. Johnson (or something) via Vietnam and are still saber rattling against China to this day. So don’t be surprised if Iran is buying (with their oil money) sophisticated weapons en-masse from China as well as the technology to make their own.

If Israel attacks Iran with or without their blackmailed nations support, all hell will break loose, just wait and see!

Humza McYusaff, it’s time to do the right thing for your wife’s parents and ALL Muslims in the middle East. Spill the SNP’s blackmail dirt that you got from my so called Father now. We need a blackmail free monarchy more than we need an illegitimate SNP Regime!

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