Prince Charles Propaganda

So on the BBC radio propaganda slot today, seeing as the severe provocation of putting my so called Father’s blackmailer in crime friend Ken (now Lord) Clarke on yesterday never worked, we had the man himself today (getting desperate) Prince Charles with all his Eeee eeee crap going on about teachers and students, my advice keep the students well away from him.… Read More

Fony Fued

So I have been reading up on this phony feud between Herr Sturgeon and Alex salmond that someone from the EU has kindly linked to my RSS feed on my news site.

Reading between the lines with the added benefit of knowing what is really going on here, I would say that the kind (hehe) Mr Salmond is offering you a way out Herr Sturgeon before you (inevitably) meet with the same (humiliating) fate as him and let a more (not Swiney) pro Devolution leader take the reigns.… Read More

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