Yesterday’s Entrapment Attempt

Every time the so called authorities try to intimidate me by booting their own doors in across the landing, I usually take a photograph of the police activity outside just to make a record of what’s happening to me.

Yesterday it was like a war zone with several doors getting booted in, it is difficult to describe the noise, the banging and shouting, it really is quite intimidating, especially when you know that you are their ultimate target.

So I took a peek out of my front window (the curtains are permanently closed) expecting to see the normal pack of police with their (we’re tough) battering rams but instead there was one panda car, one police man interviewing an under aged boy. Were they hoping I would take a photograph so they could pass me off as some kind of a pervert instead of the oppressed political prisoner trying to publicise his plight. Anyway seeing a trap, I immediately moved away as it is not the first time they have tried this ‘fit me up’ trick and just had to put up with the intimidation from these bullies without being able to record any evidence but based on past evidence that I have provided, I think most people will believe what I am saying. Why is their no law and order or Justice in this Country, whe the police are being used in this way? No innocent until proven guilty when a blackmailed would be Monarch is involved, instead it is presumed guilty until he can fit you up on behalf of his blackmailers.

I should also add that those sorts of people do not need fitting up, they can’t help themselves and you will find them hanging around outside the nearest school in between prison sentences.

Or at least you used to before the blackmailer’s curfew!

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