Word Choices

The BBC prefers to say that Dominic Rabb is Standing In for Boris Johnson while I would prefer to say that he has taken over in a blood free but not blackmail free coup (for the time being) My only surprise is that it ain’t the other one who likes the white powdery stuff! I have been warning for months and months that there are pro Israeli blackmailers in Boris’s cabinet. Now it seems they have taken over (like I said) for the time being! All Charles’s arse lickers are shit scared to say or do anything about it so I guess it is down to the only person in this country with bottle who couldn’t give a fuck if these people call me silly names starting with anti, it is not true if the fucking pope was blackmailing him and I was caught in the crossfire, I would be saying similar about him. I ain’t blackmailing nobody as it would be a criminal offence if I did. I have been called worse believe me, also not true! Anyway what are these people going to do to me? Take away my liberty, my family, my partner, my money and lifetime possesions. Already done. My dignity, gone years ago. My life? or to put it another way. Succeed where they have already tried multiple times? Or yet another way put me out of my misery? No I will continue to survive as best I can (against the odds) but in the words of Roger Waters. “I’m not frightened of dying, you have to go sometime”

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