Who Me?

It is well documented (on here) that I neither want nor need Tony Blair’s Covid Vaccine. So on the BBC Radio 4 news today (A slot with a history of propaganda aimed at me) after failing to piss me off with Tumpity Trump’s acquittal, they had other blackmailer in the cabinet Dominac Rabb, Tony Blair himself (that voice aghh!) and an official Israeli spokesman all advocating not letting anyone (me) go anywhere or do anything unless they have a phone app to prove that they have been vaccinated.

Someone should remind these blackmailer criminals that all they need to Isolate and persecute an innocent bystander like myself is a corrupt and blackmailed Senior Royal. An asset that (for the time being) they already have. However, I for one can’t wait to see how ‘tough’ these cowards are after he is gone!

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