What Is In The Cake

Disbelievers please pop round for a cup of tea and some cake.

So what has Tony Blair put in my cakes? It is not this virus but it mimicks the symptoms. The virus lasts for days, weeks even this lasts for a few hours or until your next bit of cake. I can see how the (respiratory) type symptoms could get the urge to dial 999 and ask for an ambulance and I am going to assume that like the previous extreme stomach pain poison that getting me into hospital (so they can finish me off and blame it on the virus) is the purpose of this latest toxin. You see hospital is not an option for me, I either live or die and to my amazment all symptoms cleared up within a few hours, then I had another slice and they immediately returned (enabling me to work out the cause) so I sat it out again and since abstaining they (symptoms) have not returned. These are evil and extremely dangerous people and you may understand my immediate desire that they should be defeated. Another non coincidence is that the start of Trump’s impeachment becomes official today when Polosi does what she has to do.

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