What A Result

Determined to get the stuff that I failed to get yesterday, I figured they wouldn’t be expecting me to be going to the shop two days in a row.

So at 7:AM I trotted off down to Morrisons. I was correct, unlike yesterday, not a single spook in sight. Yes the staff in the shop were blocking the aisles as usual but I was not doing a full shop, just getting the things that I failed to get yesterday, so I can last right up to Brexit day. Anyway, I was round the shop quicker than you could say Boris is a Baffoon or Sturgeon is a dictator and out again in no time.

On the way back they were sounding car alarms but too late, I was soon safely back inside my house.

I would say that I more than done my bit, the ball is now in their court.

As for farmfoods, the fridge stuff, bacon cold meat sausages is poisoned but the frozen stuff appears ok.