We Live In A Democracy

No Joke Herr Sturgeon actually said that on the latest BBC news bulletin and without laughing either. She also appears to have toned down her accent as well. I don’t know the name for a blackmail-cracy but that is what we have been living in since at least 2009 when all this kicked off The Royals are using powers designed to remove a blackmailed prime minister from office but it is not a PM that’s blackmailed, it is one of their own. This is the most important election in most of our lifetimes she said? No Nicola it is only important to you. Like I said, I am only the keeper of these powers because my Father (like you) is one of the blackmailers. I do not implement them, if I did you would be out on your arse a long time ago. No perversly the non blackmailed Royals are in charge. Perverse because it is their (ironically perverted) close relative(s) that are being blackmailed. That is why you (the SNP) have had a good run out of these fixed Elections. Until now that is, the way I see it, the Royals have to bring you down now even if it means blackmail cards will get played. Sorry but you were just being humoured Nicola while Brexit was happening. It really is crunch time. The way you, (and Salmond before you) have treated me is like really bad, you (and him) have/had all that executive power to use against me (a defenceless civilian) in the hope of bringing me down and get the powers removed. Do you really expect me to have any sympathy for you? I mean, my food is still poisoned and you (and your sidekick) are still trying to trip me up and I am still catching variants of this virus each time I venture out for essential supplies. Don’t you think that is a tad on the evil side Nicola? Ok you are not the only blackmailer but get real, of course I can’t wait to see you fall!.

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