Wasted Effort

So lately I have been copying and pasting some forum posts from my old out of date forum software to a new one. It is a slow and laborious job but when you are imprisoned in solitary confinement for a long time, it gives you something to do.

Anyway yesterday, I got an update saying there is a new version of Firefox, do I wish to install it? So I did, as you do! Today, I find that although I can still copy, I can no longer paste, if you right click there is no paste option but only on firefox.

I mean did these half wits really go to all the trouble and expense of designing a version of Firefox that cannot paste in a wasted effort to annoy me when all I need to do is hit Ctrl-V on my keyboard or use a different browser. What a bunch of losers! Tick Tock.

There has also been a lot of effort on both my laptops Firefox and my piece of android crap to stop me signing up at a site that lets you watch catchup TV. Fortunately these people are no where smart enough for me and I am sure that they know as well as I know that I have circumvented all their evil attempts. In fact they are doing me a favour as I have an active mind and a bit of thought provocation does no harm at all!

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