Video Games

Well that is my last trip to the shops before Brexit day over with. Footsie rises 1.5% on my return (coincidence of course). It was not easy I can tell you, they put a lot of money and resources into tripping me up but I guess I have just been playing this game for so long that I have become an expert at it, best way to describe it is like a real life video game where you just can’t afford to lose a single life. eg when leaving the supermarket, they had two female members of staff at the exit door under the cctv. One either side making it impossible to get out without touching one. Of course you can tell them to move but they are always reluctant to do so as if following instructions (or worried about not getting paid).

Fortunately there was an alternative exit for people going in a different direction. The detour was worth it though to avoid the trap. Just one of too many examples to list here.

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