There has been an almost desperate upsurge in state (intimidatory) activity when I went to the shop for food this morning, first the door of one of the undercover neighbours was lying wide open as I went down the stairs as if to say please come on in (and commit a crime) just ignore the cameras. In the end I decided to ignore the trap.

Outside there was a huge upsurge in state actors jogging, on bikes and walking dogs. This time they were not moving but I was, it comes automatically to keep crossing the road.

At the supermarket some guy wanted to spray an unknown substance on my hands (aye right) and a larger (than lately) amount of people deliberately getting in my way, most of whom I must say have more to worry about with this virus than I. Then the self service thing refused to finish my transaction and all the staff that had been annoying me had mystically disappeared.

They even had women on all fours washing the floor as I left. (Most large supermarkets would use mops or a machine)

Oh yes and the nightie neighbours are out the back right now.

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