Up Not Down

So it seems that the level of harrasment against me by the British State has increased, not decreased as expected after Joe Biden’s confirmation.

The crazy goings on at the supermarket, I have already mentioned, then my VPN got hacked this morning forcing me to re-install it.

I am well used to them sending police cars and ambulances past my road end with their bles and two’s but last night (11:PM) they sent one right up to my window so the blue lights were penetrating my heavy curtains. More than that I cannot say as I only pay attention to what’s going on inside my house, not outside. Unless of course (like previously) they start throwing stones at my window or whatever.

So what could be the reason for this increase in harrasment, I wondered and started looking for clues. It wasn’t long before becoming clear. It seems as though I am needed to impeach poor old Trumpity Trump so he can’t run for office again in 2024. Go ahead put a bet on that Trump gets impeached by democrats and Republicans.

Not so cocky now are you Mr Trump. make a fool of me with your fucking locker room comments?

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