Undercover Thugs

So when those undercover thugs started throwing stones at my window, I dialled 101, they put me on hold said they were busy, then the stone throwing and shouting got more intense almost as if they knew I was trying to contact the police, it left me little choice but to dial 999 as I believed my windows were going to break. Then it all stopped, as if they knew I’d dialled 999. Then after a few minutes it all started again but even more desperate, like they had been told they only had a few minutes to provoke me before they had to send in Uniformed Police. I was never going to be provoked, I was just keeping away from windows so I didn’t get injured if they broke.

I would however have defended myself with and up to lethal force if they had somehow got into my house.

Still what (another) dispicable act by a corrupt and blackmailed Country. Where Britain gets it’s reputation as a tolerant Country that values political freedom and Human Rights…..??

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