Unbelievable Harrasment

on: October 01, 2020, 04:59:36 PM

After hearing Newness making a fool of himself last night on the Radio and with the knowledge that there was a final day of Brexit talks today, I knew I would get a hard time at the shops today but I had no choice as I had no food left.

Sure enough people standing in night clothes at almost every door I passed on the way there, when inside I was being crowded out when trying to get my usual things like m ince, couldn’t get near the shelf, had to improvise bying other crap.

When I got to self serv checkout their was unusual (for time in morning) queue with checkout person doing the scanning. When my turn I gave them the polite version of fuck off I’ll do it myself and got told all the tills are broken that’s why we are doing self serv. After replying whatever, I realised they were trying to provoke me into an arguement. I wasn’t going to oblige.
Later in the morning a guy put a ladder againstmy wall and started just hanging out at the other side of my heavy curtain as if trying to look in. Realising I was being provoked again I just ignored him.
You see I knew about the EU negotiations and I know how these people’s evil minds work, I was never going to be provoked, the stakes are just too high and I need to win this fight!