UK to impose sanctions independently for first time

The first post-Brexit sanctions to punish those accused of human rights abuses are to be announced.

Hahahaha,Hehehehe,Hohohoho. Talk about self harm!!!!!!

I just hope the Countries rightly or wrongly accused of HRA have the bottle to let the world know what’s going on in Britain’s own back yard!!!!

You just cant accuse others of HRA if you are deliberately imprisoning, poisoning, gassing, radiating and generally persecuting your own (hopefully only me) citizen for purely political reasons that are well documented here!

Try as you might to try and provoke me into technically committing a crime so you can falsely claim that this (persecution) is happening for criminal not political reasons, the fact remains, Brexit Scottish independence etc etc are purely political issues.

Anyway do suspected criminals really get persecuted, imprisoned without trial or accusation, poisoned, gassed, radiated……?

If so, surely this Country is worse than any third party Country that you dare to accuse of Human Rights Abuse!!!!!!!!!

Especially as this level of Human Rights Abuse has been at this high level for over a decade now and at a slightly lower level for all my adult life. Taking a bit of a while to build a case against me eh!!!

The real facts are that my so called father has been (through his Pro Israeli cough friends) blackmailing Prince Charles since the mid 80’s and blackmailing the other pervert, Mountbatten during the 70’s, which explains why I had a brief persecution interlude during the early 80’s The time I managed to produce (at least he he ) two children as he had no blackmail powers to stop me. Charles has to go it is the only solution!

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