TV License

on: October 26, 2020, 11:59:08 AM

Got a threatening letters from the jokers at the BBC today. I wouldn’t watch the BBC if it was the last broadcasting outfit in the world, of course they already know that as my TV watching habits are the most closely monitored (and manipulated) in the world.

I wouldn’t pay the license fee as a principle even if I did have enough money as the blackmailers just dish it out to their un-talented fiends like Alan Sugar and Claudia Winklemann and Lloyd Grossmann, what an apt name. Oh and the Martin Lewis money show he he you gotta laugh at the irony of that. I could go on and on.

I have to say that as a young man I used to wonder how someone as talentless and frankly displeasing to the eyes as Esther Rantzen could get a prime BBC slot that thanks to my so called parents I was forced to watch.

Now I know, it is the power of blackmail, only difference is that back then it was Heath and Mountbatten that were blackmailed!

Of course it was when Labour came to power in the mid 70’s that the blackmailers found out about Heath and Mountbatten. Their reign was short though as mountbatten and Labour were gone by 1979. But the blackmailers still had Heath who they used to persuade wet behind the ears PM Thatcher to promote one of their own (Brittan) to the post of Home Sec. The rest as they say should be history but no not yet anyway as it is still a state secret, not too much longer though if I get my way!

All these blackmailers are clearly enemies of the British State and should be treated as such, but first we need rid of the traitor that is Prince Charles so he can’t (thanks to the influence his father has over the Queen) continue to put his ego before what is best for this Country!

 It is already tried and tested with Mountbatten, it worked until Charles inexplicably fell into the same trap. It is the ONLY solution Charles, you and your Father can’t both be so dumb not to see that?

That’s not even mentioning the nature of Charles’s crimes, for the sake of the  Parents of those missing children I have to keep fighting him no matter what. That was his biggest crime, his biggest mistake was on the footpath of the river Thames about this time in 2015 when he confirmed to me beyond any shadow of doubt who my formidable enemy is, it was after that, that I made it my business to work out who was blackmailing him and why.

It is no use firing blindly, you need to know who your enemies are and what their weaknesses are?

Using my status as a closely monitored person (by the Security Services), you would need to agree that I have expended a fair amount of ammunition in the direction of my enemies and will continue to do so until I am free or no longer alive!

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