Tony Blair Gives Another Speech Yawn

Tony Blair, the amateur politician who only became prime minister through circumstances and ruthless culling of opponents and never had enough foresight to see that helping maniac Prince Charles murder his Wife, Princess Diana after she found out why he is being blackmailed would come back to haunt him as Diana’s two young sons grow up and realise who did what to their mother and why. Well Tony you tried to wipe me out as well, seems to be your solution to every problem. Unlike poor Diana, I am still here and I will never give up fighting till I am also dead or Justice is served and my best chance of seeing Justice is for Prince William to become King, your worst nightmare eh Tony..

Anyway you put Corbyn into power so the non blackmailed Royals (inc William) could not put Labour into power as an alternative to those Tory stooges. You Charles Lynton Blair sowed the socialist seed so now you must reap the harvest, the left wingers have taken over the Labour Party.

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