Today In 2018

Corrupt Politician Amber Rudd resigns as home secretary three days after confronting me on a quite B road just outside of Stranraer as I was returning to my tent after shopping at the supermarket.

I believe I called her a horror and I stand by that remark because at the end of the day, homocide was the purpose of her visit. I mean same trick as Charles, Cameron and Benn had already tried. Just so they know, I will fight these corrupt and in the case of Charles sick people in a court of law not on the streets of Britain.

I am going to assume that if I attacked her and her protection officers had killed me she would have kept her job. Hmm I noticed the increase in security and surveillance long before I spotted you Mizz Rudd. You people can think I am dumb at your own peril.

While it may be true that home sec (as well as PM) is needed to sign off this crap being used against me, attacking you ain’t going to help my case, at best you will say I told you so at worst I will get shot.

Truth is you Mizz Rudd, you (as well as the others) are the criminal, not me.

At the end of the day all you cowards are only ‘tough’ when you have protection from Prince Charles, we shall see just how tough you really are when I finally do bring the prick down as that is where all my attention is focused now. His position is just not sustainable, if you people can’t see that then you have about as much foresight as Tony fucking Blair!

When David Cameron turned up outside my forest near Perth again as I was returning from the supermarket (early march 2016), he was on a bike and wearing a high viz vest, why was that? So his marksman don’t shoot him by mistake, I would guess.

Is this not the most scandalous thing to ever happen in this country ever, period. Yet no one is saying a word, except me. Instead they would rather talk about the aforementioned elderly gentleman.

All I get are silly insinuations from the police about stolen goods from a (their) property within my block. Re I reported that they deliberately left their door wide open last time I went to shops.


Yes, I did wash my hands after throwing the propaganda in the bin. Yesterday’s propaganda about Covid-19 went straight out my window unopened. If I need advice from Nicola fucking Sturgeon I shall ask but she shouldn’t hold her breath!

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