Third Time Unlucky

So unless I am very much mistaken, that is three variants of this virus that I have shrugged off now with the exact same (mild) symptoms each time. In fact I would go as far as to say that these evil blackmailers deliberately unleashed this virus with all the death and destruction it has caused in a vain attempt to take me out without resorting to cold blood murder in an attempt to get the Security powers used against them removed, I bet that is why they have been putting breathing irritants on my furniture in an evil attempt to damage my breathing and make me more prone to falling fowl of this virus , although I would argue that if you do anything deliberately and with bad intent resulting in death and that includes the poisonings and the protection officers, then that is murder all the same. Not only that they are still trying to introduce new variants, this time from Brazil. Anyway, I must have some amount of antibodies in my blood now from all the variants. How much would you pay for some?

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