Theresa May

The only regret I have over my encounters with that nasty ice maiden is that I have (of yet) failed to work out who’s interests she holds close to her non existent heart (or why?).

All I do know is that it ain’t Britain’s! I am now starting to wonder if Germany are counter blackmailing the Prince of extreme blackness as well meaning things are about as dangerous as they have been since 1945. Unless of course I (and others) can persuade the sick Prince to forget his self interest and just abdicate for the greater good of this Country before it’s too late! (If it’s not already too late)

I would be disappointed (but not surprised) to find that Germany (a country I admire) have been fueling all the May nastyness (mostly aimed at me) Who else is going to take a swipe at me? My philosophy does not and will not change. If anyone attacks me for no good reason I will fight back in any way I can, no matter who they are or how powerful they think they are. At the end of the day Prince Charles is the solution here, all the blackmailers will be brought down to size as soon as he’s out of the picture and every one can compete on a level playing field again, so don’t be surprised if most of my fire is aimed at that prick.

Having said that I still think that Israel is the more dangerous blackmailers quite simply because they have infiltrated our society and our government. There is no one called Fritz in our cabinet!

9th September 2020

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