The Price Of Blackmail

When someone like Prince Charles is being blackmailed it is not really surprising that we have ended up in the absolute mess that we are in.

Right thinking, intelligent people are not allowed within a mile of our government because they would quite rightly be appalled when they find out the truth. So we end up with just blackmailers and stooges of the blackmailed Royal in government. Believe it or not John Major was the cream of the stooges willing to turn a blind eye to the blackmail reasons, then it’s been downhill for this Country since then until we end up in this absolute mess until we have a stooge with no shame who has an education paid for by his Father but the common sense of an Urang Utang, something that cannot be bought for any amount of money. In Scotland we have a dictator who just demands everything she wants including democracy (the EU referendum was fixed in SNP’s favour) or else she will spill the beans about Charles

Meanwhile in the US (supposedly the most advanced Country in the world) we have a guy who can barely function with the emotional intellect of a five year old running that great Country.

The world really has gone mad and all because child murderer Charles won’t do the right thing and step aside for William, ok maybe never done it with his own hands but ordering his people to make sure no child victim gets the chance to tell tales is just the same in my book as he clearly thinks he (and his predecessors) are so above the law that is his right. NO IT’S NOT!

on: October 08, 2020, 09:58:02 AM

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