The Meek Shall Inherit The Earth

These all powerful billionaire blackmailers have been reduced to acting like a bunch of children switching my broadband on and off every half an hour or so. He he.

Bring on the Brexit Vote!

Or could it be that you are just repeatedly breaking my tunnel to expose my IP address in the vain hope that you will catch me doing something wrong? Do the lottery you have more chance. Oh sorry you don’t need to, blackmailing a Prince unlike the lottery is a dead cert way of getting rich.

Anyway I use anti surveillance to enforce my right to privacy and to communicate securely with human rights groups not to break the law, I leave that to you lot as blackmail is illegal not to mention attempting to murder me and actually murdering others.

So I have changed broadband providers, whether the new ones will be anyone better remains to be seen but there had to be a price to pay for deliberately interfering with a paid for service in the run up to today’s vote. Besides old Company of nowtv is owned by Rupert fucking Murdoch, I am glad to be out of there. Thanks for the excuse.

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  1. As if by coincidence my broadband has returned to normal as soon as that commons vote was over. He he looks like we are leaving now. Not that I give a fuck about leaving but I am rather keen to defeat these evil bastards and if Brexit is a means to and end…

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