The Man Who Shouldn’t Be King (or not)

A while back I wrote a piece about this upcoming film from an outfit that I now know to be a mouthpiece (or not) for the blackmailers.

Suddenly I started getting lots of traffic from google, so I googled ‘the man who shouldn’t be king’ and amazingly this site was on the top page. It didn’t last long though a day or so later it stopped, so I re-googled and now this site is not only not on the first page, it is not on any page.

So what was going on? My guess is that the blackmailers were letting Prince Charles know that they have the power to expose what is happening to me. (or not)

Here is a screenshot from Google’s webmasters tools showing the outburst of nine visits to that page, while the next best search term gets zero visits and only a handful of impressions. Fixed or what? All it proves that the blackmailers (and google) are just a bunch of cowards, frightened that the truth gets out because it’s not only Charles that I will be setting my sights towards let me tell you.

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