The Labour Party

It is about time the Labour party manned up and purged itself of it’s ruthless blackmailers who make it is some kind of a crime (anti semitism) what ever that is? to criticize them. Rebecca long baily or anyone who stands up to these ruthless bullies have my full support, go on, call me childish names, see if I give a fuck! Just because you believe you have been mistreated in the past (for whatever reason) does not give you cart blanche to commit crimes (blackmail is a crime and so is what you are doing to me) without any criticism, I mean fuck you!!!

I am left to assume that Mrs Baily is not playing the blackmailers game to get her hands on power like her predecessor Corbyn did, (shame on him) as she has been sacked. Corbyn was as much anti semitic or as I prefer to call it, anti ruthless blackmailing pricks as I am a free man!…and just for the record I am not anti semitic, I hate all the blackmailers (which ashamedly include members of my own family) as well as the SN fucking P not any race of people, it is just by the way that most of them are are a (non British) race which should not put them beyond criticism.

If anyone says I do not also criticise the SNP, Prince Charles my so called Father and brother, the fucking Irish and anyone else that has done me wrong for no good reason other than blackmail or political or financial gain, really hasn’t been paying attention!!!

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