The End Of March

I am hearing this a lot in the context of how long this lockdown may last. Of course that date just sticks in my mind because that is around the time that I lost my liberty and all my human rights back in 2009. Although of course I have always been under some form of state surveillance and intimidation since Prince Charles became blackmailed in the mid 80’s…and before that ditto in the 1970’s up until Lord Mountbatten’s demise. People who say they have had a tough life????

Plus we have blabbermouth and I am shit scared of Prince William becoming King as I helped murder his mother, Tony Blair saying that we could have half the population vaccinated by the end of march if everyone does exactly what he (Blair) and Prince Charles tells them to do.

No Tony, this Countries interests come way before you and your buddy Prince fucking Charles’s own selfish interests!

It is you Blair (and Prince Philip) who are keeping this monsterous Prince in his position of inherited power for your own aforementioned selfish reasons and it is you Blair who are causing all this turmoil by forcing us to deal with the blackmailers the hard way (while their victim Charles has power) instead of doing it the easy and logical way by removing Charles and enabling your (Blair) nemesis Prince William.

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