The Blackmailed King

If Tony fucking Blair thinks that he will get this sorted if or when that blackmailed waste of space becomes a lame duck head of state, just ask yourself Tony, who will be the Prince of Wales? As you know almost as well as I do how powerful a position that is! (especially when the head of state is a lame duck)

You could argue that the Queen is a lame duck because of her age but I think her longevity might surprise you, plenty of time to depose the (real) Roger Black.

The undeniable fact though is that this Country needs a young vibrant leader who will get things done and anyone with half a brain must realise that person is Prince William. Fuck you Tony Blair, you are yesterday’s (bad) news. This Country (and the US) are still counting the cost of the damage you did on behalf of the pro Israeli blackmailers! Of which there were several in your cabinets (not bad for a small minority grouping eh) and they have the cheek to complain about getting mistreated by the Labour party??? They run the Labour party (and the Tory’s)

What happened to my kinsman Robin Cook Tony when he opposed you pro Israeli plans for Iraq and what about my other kinsman John Smith who stood in your way to become leader Tony? How can the Labour party turn a blind eye to these matters. SHAME ON THEM!

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