State Terrorism

So there are people repeatedly throwing stones at my window now, been forced to dial 999

So it was the undercover neighbours next door who said they were locked out and were just trying to get my attention, my windows are all chipped now, who know how they never broke. This is clearly how desperate Herr Sturgeon and her blackmailer friends are getting.

It is nothing other than State terrorism of an innocent civilian for purely political reasons.

Oh yes and the so called 999 policeman while doing that humiliating taking all my details thing as if I am the criminal, not the victim, kept repeatedly asking me if I were Scottish or British as if he was wondering if I’m patriotic enough to support independence, political or what? I am an innocent civillian. not a politician and what is happening to me is just plain wrong!

This is about right and wrong and I know I am in the right so I will keep fighting until the end. Sturgeon is a coward, her enemy is HM Queen Elizabeth, not me but like all bullies she won’t pick a fight with her because she will lose, well I have got bad news for you Herr S, You won’t beat me either. I am fighting you because you are fighting me, it has nothing to do with independence!!!!

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