I have been listening to various radio chat shows and phone ins. Every one that phones in is worried about catching this virus often to the point of paranoia. No one ever seems to know any one that has actually been effected by it??? The only people that I actually know about is an extremely suspect Royal and people at the heart of this extremely corrupt and unelected government.

What I do know is that Boris Johnson has managed to get some kind of marshal law or kurfew that gives him powers to fine people who dare leave their house without his permission??? through the houses of parliament using the majority that I gave him to get Brexit done. Oh yes and Pro Israeli nutter Donald Trump is using similar powers to lock down Democrat run areas of New York???

Sure I had a cough last week but these sick cunts come into my house (with spare keys) and spray an irritant around that makes you cough. They have been doing it for years. Before I learned to seal a safe area with a padlock it got so bad (Coupar Angus) that I had to make myself homeless because I couldn’t breath!

What actually happened was (through complacency) that I left a towel on the hall radiator before going to shops which is not in the safe area (lounge kitchen) after a bath I left the towel in the lounge. Then I started getting the cough. OK now becasuse I washed the towel but keep it out in the hall and remember to put it (and everything) in the locked safe area.

You can believe it or not but they sent housing officials around to try and get an impression of my padlock key in the guise that they needed my keys to test the security door locked, I was watching them like a hawk. Then they sent a BT guy round who knocked on my door and asked for a key for the back garden gate (that all tenants have, why pick on me?) So when I started removing the back garden key from the ring he said it’s ok just give me all your keys ‘I won’t be a minute’ I right!!!

I have a padlocked hasp on the living room door, when it is closed you can’t access the screws to remove them. Sure you could force the lock but I would know about it.

What other Countries are playing this game? China France Ireland Italy Spain. Hmm If I were Charles I would just pack it in if all those Countries were blackmailing me!

Oh and Charles in case you haven’t noticed you are doing huge long term damage to this Country’s economy. Not to mention the other Countries!

I ain’t no microbioligist but do virus’s (flu eg) really give you a cough? I guess I just ain’t so easily fooled! It’s like they are tailoring the symptoms to correlate with the crap they are spraying on my towel?… and who are these people that only they say are dead??? Old people die anyway.

These people are so out of control now that they HAVE to be stopped by whatever means possible!

I guess it was always the danger of giving the baddies the majority they need to do the right thing, that they would abuse that power to do completely the wrong thing and that is what appears to be happening here.

Let’s just hope that Labour do the right thing and elect a leader that the non blackmailed Royals can use to either persuade these Tory criminals (because that’s what they are) to come into line or replace them all together with a credible Labour Government. That has been the problem so far, Blair deliberately put Corbyn in because he is so far to the left that the non blackmailed Royals could only deal with the Tory’s who are loyal to blackmailers friends Prince Charles!

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