Surveillance Techniques

So I have decided to just keep all my curtains shut, despite the relative darkness to keep external surveillance to a minimum. You probably won’t believe this, It took me ages to convince myself that it’s true but after extensive experiments it is the only explanation. It seems like they can spy on (anyone) via your satellite coax cable. Ask yourself, why do they give you two cables. The spare one can see you. Think about it images can come down from the satellite to your TV, why not the other way? Anyway I no longer have any such cables.

Recently they fitted motion detectors in the close that puts the light on if movement is detected. My toilet is pretty much out in the close (behind a partition) but to get to it you have to go past the front door (that leads out to the close), there is a pain of glass in the door and despite hanging a curtain, this motion sensor still puts the close light on, this tips them off and when I sit down to have a shite someone comes into the close and starts making noise, every time. no joke! Well actually I have found a way to sneak into my toilet without triggering the close light so I can enjoy a shite in peace. …and I make sure I trip it on the way out just to waste their time.

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