Surrogate Mother

There are not many people who can claim to have HM the Queen as their surrogate mother but when you think about it she has done more to keep me safe from the waste of space that is Prince Charles and (one) of his (Charles’s) blackmailers (my so called Father) than my own Mother has ever done for sure.

She is (was) under no obligation (other than morality) to do so, which makes her a decent and caring human being in my opinion.

What the F went wrong with Charles, he is selfish, evil and inhumane to name but a few superlatives.

…but then again, I am nothing like my so called Father and thank fuck for that!

Although this has been really bad for the last decade (fighting the blackmailers instead of containing them), in reality I have been a victim of both Charles and Mountbatten being blackmailed by my Father and his mates for all my adult life and serious attempts on my life started aged just 15.

Although I repeat my gratitude to HM, there still needs to be serious reforms of the Royals and their powers in my opinion so this can never ever happen to anyone else.

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