Supermarket Blues

A while back at my normal supermarket Morrisons after filling my trolley, I was heading to the self service checkouts as normal when a staff member persuaded me to let her scan my stuff through, stupidly I agreed as when I got home I found most of the food made me nauseous. I was forced to conclude that the woman was swapping my food for pre-poisoned stuff at the till while I was busy packing.

So today when I went to Morrisons it was not opened, a tactic they have used in the past forcing me to go to a much smaller tescos increasing the chances of buying poisoned food, nothing I can do as I can’t force morrisons to open on time.

So filled my trolley at tesco and the same thing happened staff member offers to scan my stuff. You don’t get me with the same trick twice and her offer was politely but firmly rebuffed.

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