Stuart Hosie

You are from the same neck of the woods as my so called father, ain’t you Mr Hosie? Along with your muckers Salmond and Swiney (deliberate misspel). You are trying to say that your friends the Russians who have as much to fear from a resurgent EU as your Pro Israeli friends tried to influence the EU referendum. That is crap and you know it, the Referendum was fixed by the British establishment for reasons of National Security IE blackmail. The Scottish part of the EU Referendum was fixed to pretend that Scotland wants to stay in the EU under blackmail threats by you lot. (SNP). So stop bullshitting, Britain is leaving the EU and once the horrible blackmailers (including the current lot of SNPers) are out of British politics. Britain can get back to being Britain again…and it’s only possible thanks to the efforts (and suffering) of yours truly!