Stanley Johnson

Boris Johnson’s father Stanley has just said on the news that if Boris were to Grant Nicola Sturgeon a section 30 order to hold a second referendum, the whole weight of the UK Government would be deployed to defeat her.

Now let’s just rephrase this again!

If Boris is compelled to grant a section 30 order by blackmailed traitor Prince Charles like I said he would, then I and I alone will be expected to defeat the separatists all on my own again.

The only alternative explanation could be that the non blackmailed Royals have decided to just give Scotland to the separatists and N Ireland to the Irish, I am thinking about the border in the Irish sea and DUP seats handed over to sinn feign, could also be why keeping in mind the election was rigged (Northern Tories my arse) Sturgeon was gifted 50 MP’s.

Soon as I’m compensated, I am out of this fucked up Country and I ain’t coming back.

None of which will change the fact that traitor Charles is being blackmailed, he will still be getting blackmailed if you give in to the Scottish separatists and the Irish blackmailers.

The only solution is for him to abdicate, William to take over, then for me to tell the world what the Irish did to me September 2015 and what the SNP have been doing to me and my partner, oh yes the Tories under May and Cameron and lets not forget about Blair/Brown.

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