Stanley Johnson again

So the Stanley Johnson ‘news’ was broadcast on LBC last night at 11.00 PM, it has never been repeated on any other news outlets, then soon after I wrote my piece on here and deliberately submitted it to google, the DJ on LBC started going on about conspiracy theories. Hah, I have enough ‘truth’ to expose to last me a lifetime without having to worry about conspiracy theories even though ‘conspiracies’ can and do get used by powerful people to conceal their activities, if anyone questions them they get branded a conspiracy theorist. Eg while being questioned by a psychiatrist after being unlawfully detained, one of her questions was ‘do I think anyone is out to get me?’ Of course I had to roll my eyes and say no, while thinking not much.

Anyway are these sub intelligent people really in charge of running this great Country? It’s what happens when someone like P Charles is being blackmailed for such a grave reason. Right minded people steer well clear so we end up with Boris and his cabinet of Renegades.

I learned two important things from Stanley last night. First that Boris is in actual fact a Charles stooge like Cameron and May, else his Father wouldn’t be trying to entrap me. Secondly that my anti tracking efforts are paying dividends if they had to get Stan to confirm that I was listening to LBC.

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