One thing that I have learned in the last decade or so of playing this mad game of chess, is that the spooks and their accomplices never say anything in earshot of me unless I am meant to hear it (propaganda).

The other week when leaving the shop there was an old lady (about the same age as my mother) sitting on a bench and a staff member said to her ‘it’s good to have someone looking out for you’? What does that mean? If or should I say when I bring my so called Father down am I expected to take care of her? She has never done anything for me and from what I can decipher has always went along (reluctantly or not) with his murderous plans. You could say that with his blackmail powers over P Charles, she (my mother) had no choice. I would say, you always have a choice!

The fact is the only person that has been protecting me from the blackmailed waste of space that is Prince Charles is his mother and although I believe she could be doing more, not just for my sake but for this Country’s sake, there is no doubt I probably wouldn’t be alive if it were not for HM the Qeeen (and my survival skills) and I thank her for that.

Charles still has to go.

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