So the Royals lost Sovereignty to the EU (and the blackmailers) when Mountbatten (and Heath) got blackmailed in the early seventy’s by being forced to join the EU. They tried (and failed) to get their sovereignty back in the early 80’s post Mountbatten with help from Thatcher. Then in the mid 80’s they threw away any chance of regaining sovereignty when numbskull Charles became blackmailed.

It was not until the late 2000’s that young Prince William thought he could use me (as a blackmail victim) to sort out the blackmailers and regain Sovereignty on behalf of the Royals and the British State.

It was a really long shot as I had his blackmailed Father and all his followers which included ministers and prime ministers waged against me but here we are just three weeks until Sovereignty is returned to it’s rightful owners and I am still under attack by these evil blackmailers and still wonder if or how my (IMO) heroic efforts will be rewarded?