Smear Campaign

Gavin Williamson, who I consider to be a rare ‘goodie’ on the Conservative benches. Why? Because when he took over as defence secretary in the Autumn of 2017 from Prince Charles’s arse licker (Sir) Michael Fallon all the special forces soldiers that had been harassing me just magically disappeared.

Then in the run up to I’ll turn a blind eye to a child murderer if you let me be PM Theresa May’s resignation and subsequent leadership election, she smeared him by accusing him of leaking state secrets (of which there are plenty) forcing him to pull out of the leadership election. Now he appears to be getting smeared again and by all the usual suspects including Gordon Brown’s mate Ed Balls as well as MP’s (supposedly) on his side.

Now I am wondering, why is he being smeared now. Surely unelected stooge, I couldn’t run a chip shop Boris Johnson’s leadership is not under threat? Is it???

Despite my suspicions about (Sir) Keir Stammer’s support for that pro Israeli and pro hard Brexit appointee to the chair of the security select committee, it is probably about time to ditch the bunch of Royal arse lickers that is the Tory party and give him a chance to sort things out but that must include the pro Israeli blackmailers within his own party! We do not want or need another Tony fucking Blair!

Blackmail is a crime no matter what your motives are. As an ex DPP’s he must understand that!

This has nothing to do with Anti semitism or race (that is just a cover), it is about crime and those who blackmail a whole State are particularly evil and extremely dangerous!

As are the crimes of Prince Charles who should not be allowed to be above the law but thanks to people like Brown, Cameron, May, Johnson and Dame Dick, that is exactly what he is! Shame, shame, shame on these people. Especially when you consider the nature of his crimes!!! Oh yes and all the home secretary’s since the mid 80’s when Charles’s blackmail started, they all know about his crimes for sure thanks to the nature of that post.

That is how original pro Israeli blackmailer Leon Brittan became able to blackmail Prince Charles when blackmailed ex leader Ted Heath persuaded Thatcher (ironic as it would lead to her downfall) to promote him to that sensitive position and the rest as the say is history! Unfortunately though you will find none of this in the history books. Yet!!! There are just so many people with guilty consciences and of course some who don’t (have a conscience)

Where are all the good people in this Country, willing to speak out, he (Charles) will not survive this scandal (nor should he) so what are you afraid of??? Why do I appear to be the only person on the front line fighting the prick? (and his blackmailers) and I never even volunteered!

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