Silence Is Golden

Looks like our own Pro Israeli sudo prime minister has been silenced coincidently since I raised my voice on the issue. Silver lining and all that. Where are the fucking Pro British and Pro US (with Backbone) Politicians?????????

Same goes for you Sturgeon, if you are on the side of the blackmailers you are neither Pro British or Pro Scottish!

The blackmailers support their own interests be it Israel, Ireland, China etc. You don’t not support Britain or you would not be trying to break it up! Scotland will never survive with a hostile Westminster government putting up a hard border. Wake up Mrs!

…and if you think the EU will come to your rescue, I say again wake up Mrs. They do not even speak our language. We have physical and cultural ties to Great Britain and thousands of brave Scots have died in the defence of that! (Mostly in Europe) Scotland does NOT want to be part of the EU, that part of the referendum was fixed in your favour under the threat of blackmail!

Here’s my advice, take it or leave. Make the most of your ill gotten (blackmail) devolution powers, change your name to the Scottish devolution party or something and just forget about independence. You are playing with fire!

Ok there is something rotten at the core of the Monarchy but blackmail (a crime) is not the answer. I think the British Monarchy or at least the next generation understand that reform is necessary so that this can never ever happen again.

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