Shouldn’t Underestimate My Resolve

So thanks to the theatrics of what happened yesterday, US lawmakers waited until after 7:AM (UK time) when they thought I would be forced to go to the supermarket for food. Clearly they have underestimated my resolve yet again.

Soon as they realised that I was not going to the shop (around 8.30:AM UK time) they confirmed Joe Biden’s win.

During those shameful staged riots yesterday one of Trump’s supporters stuck a sign on a humvee that read ‘the truth will soon be revealed’ I say, go ahead. What are you waiting for? …but it needs to be the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Who has been blackmailing who and why? …and how Trump’s election in 2016 was also rigged to stop Clinton getting into power. Democracy HAS to be free and fair and blackmail can play no part!

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