Server Hacked By Host

on: September 24, 2020, 03:08:01 PM

So my worst fears about Israel’s new best friends the UAE (Hostsailor) hosting this website have been realised, today the site but not the server was offline and in such a way that I could not access any data on the server, quite sneaky because if you complain they say the server is working fine, we are not responsible for the upkeep of your site. Anyway no point in arguing with them ,just move on and find a new host.

Unfortunately due to my own stupidity I never made a backup since I created this forum on the 13th so there is 10 days of missing posts.

There was all sorts of shouting and dogs barking this afternoon outside my house, they must have thought I would be in a bad mood. I would better descibe my mood as determined. Determined to get this site back up and running and not to let the bullies defeat me!

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