Seek medical Attention

The Government are urging the public to seek medical attention if they show symptoms of Corona virus. (really annoying when people talk about you behind your back) If someone deliberately gives me this virus while doing my essential shop, I will not be seeking medical attention, I either live or die.

If I stay put at least I have a chance of survival, if I go into (government owned) NHS my chances of survival are somewhere between zero and zero. (They have form)

I also witnessed the so called doctors playing god with my partner when they had her in hospital. Will she live or will she die? We will decide. So bad that I discharged her but before I got her out they injected her with something that made her yellow, should I name and shame the hospital? Well ok then, it was Ninewells in Dundee. Then they sent a criminal nurse round to our house in the pretence of doing a blood test and just blatently injected crap into her arm that made her so ill that I had no choice but to dial 999. No joke. This was May 2009 when all this kicked off. They were trying to seperate us! It took them another 7 years to finally succeed…but hey guess what, I can fight them just as well, if not better on my own!

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