Scottish Independence

So this seems to be back on the political agenda with Boris fantasizing about building a bridge from where I just happen to be to N Ireland and sending Tory ministers up here for a visit (is that wise?) despite the fact that neither Johnson or Sturgeon has managed to murder me yet. It does not make sense for Sturgeon to call another referendum while I (and my N Security powers) are still around, I mean look what happened to Salmond, he couldn’t defeat me and neither can she. Make your mind up Sturgeon ditch your blackmail victim by freeing me (and fight a fair fight at the referendum) or face certain defeat at another referendum as I have no intentions of letting you (or any one else) defeat me. I was here in 2014, I am still here in 2020 and you can bet your life I will still be here in 2026 if needs be!

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