Scotland At War

So this Salmond, Sturgeon Feud is becoming clearer by the day, a no confidence vote in Swine-ee attacks on Sturgeon by Salmond. Starting to look like Salmond is attempting a coop by forcing sturgeon out and installing Swine-ee hence the smear campaign against both these despicable individuals. Never thought I would see the day I would be supporting Herr Sturgeon but she is infinitely more preferable than Swine-ee and/or Salmond both from my So called Father’s neck of the woods.

What interests me more is the timing, I mean why now? Salmond has been quite happy for Sturgeon to reign supreme since I ousted him, so why seize power now? Does he think he can defeat me a second time round? Hmm fat chance, I have the Queen on my side (determined to preserve the Union). Or can he see a tuneful fat Lady that I can’t yet see?

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