Scape Goat!

A man has been found guilty of orchestrating the Manchester bombings because someone had to! Mr Goat was sentenced to 55 years.

Meanwhile Theresa May and Amber Rudd get off Scot Free!!! but their consciences (if they have any?) will have to live with the consequences for ever!

Just like Brady (and Hindly) were wrongly condemned and convicted for killing (missing) children that in actual fact they trafficked to Lord Mountbatten (a crime he, Mountbatten became blackmailed over) and likewise Roger Black was convicted for killing (also missing) Children that in actual fact he trafficked to Prince Charles ( a crime he, Charles is currently being blackmailed over) and the reason Princess Diana was murdered after finding out! and of course I am being hounded by Prince Charles (and the British State) on behalf of (some) of his blackmailers. There is no such thing as Justice in this despicable Country, a Country that bombs the crap out of it’s own children for political gain (gain that never even happened thanks to my resolve (the clue is in the timing, the reason and nature of that rigged election)) then blames it on some bystander!!!!!!…and people risk their lives in dingy’s coming over here. Why? Give me a dingy and I’ll risk mine going the other way! Of course I would never make it as I have satellites, drones, light aircraft and helicopters (when I have a car) and an army of state actors watching my every move.